Israeli archaeologists find a 2,700 year-old artifact that backs Biblical record [VIDEO]

Israeli archaeologists find a 2,700 year-old artifact that backs Biblical record [VIDEO]

According to Reuters, archaeologists in Israel have discovered a seal believed to be 2,700 years-old that could validate part of the Biblical record.

The seal was excavated by Shimon Cohen and has an inscription in ancient Hebrew that translates to “belonging to the governor of the city.” It was found near the plaza of the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The seal is made of clay and is described as about the size of a small coin, like a penny. The depiction is of two different men facing each other. According to Antiquities Authority, it was probably sent as a souvenir or it was brought by a shipment to the city.

According to Weksler-Bdolah, the lead excavator, the seal “supports the Biblical rendering of the existence of a governor of the city in Jerusalem 2,700 years ago. This is the first time that such a sealing is found in an authorized excavation.”

He also stated, “It is likely that one of the buildings in our excavation was the destination of this transport, sent by the city governor,” according to the Daily Mail.

The age of the seal was estimated based on the age of the soil that it was buried in. The excavation of the soil from the first temple would date to the 6th or 7th century BC, according to Arutz Sheva.

“It’s very important because it proves it’s not only in the Bible, but there really was a governor of Jerusalem around the late first temple period,” said Weksler-Bdolah, according to a YouTube video released by the Israel Antiquities Authority on Sunday.

“We were here for five years digging slowly, slowly from the level of the Western Wall plaza to bedrock,” said Weksler-Bdolah. “This docket adds to the find of seven seals that we’ve found here carry the names of Netanyahu son of Yaush, Hagav, Yeda-ayahy Usha, and more.”

Governors of Jerusalem are mentioned in the Bible, one of which refers to Joshua as the Governor in the second book of Kings.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said at the presentation of the artifact, “It is very overwhelming to receive greetings from First Temple-period Jerusalem. This shows that already 2,700 years ago, Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, was a strong and central city.”

This comes on the heels of Donald Trump announcing he will move the US embassy to Jerusalem and officially recognize the city as the capital of Israel.

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