National Park Service Announcement: Confederate Statues at Gettysburg Not Going Anywhere

The National Park Service just made it crystal clear… the statues at Gettysburg are staying put and if the left tries to get at them, then there will be a stiff rebuke awaiting them. They are historical monuments and hold deep meaning for many families. They tell the story of the Civil War – both sides, good and bad. They are part of our heritage and you do not erase your own history as the left is so fervently seeking to do.

Soldiers on both sides of the war fought and died for freedom and for what they believed in at Gettysburg. You don’t have to condone it or like it… but you do need to respect it. 7,000 men fought, bled and died on that battlefield. It is a vital part of the history of America… a chapter we should learn from and hopefully not repeat. Leftists, radicals and communists have adopted Taliban-like tactics in the destruction of historical monuments. They have pulled some down, completely uprooted others and even set some on fire. The officials at Gettysburg are making it very clear they have no plans of participating in a historical purge.

From Breitbart:

As the American left pushes to purge the nation of Confederate statues and memorials, the National Parks Service is making clear the statues at Gettysburg battlefield are not going anywhere.

Katie Lawhon is the senior advisor for the park service when it comes to Gettysburg, and she says the statues “are important” and allow the park service to “historically and objectively tell the stories the monuments commemorate.”

Lawhon reassured the Reading Eagle that the statues would not be moved.

Barb Adams, who volunteers at Gettysburg, said watching the statues being vandalized and/or removed around the country breaks her heart. She said, “It’s just so upsetting to me—these men, these soldiers fought for what they believed in.”

Over 7,000 soldiers died at Gettysburg when Union Republicans and Confederate Democrats clashed July 1 to July 3, 1863. There are 1,300 monuments on the battlefield to tell the story, 30 of which depict the Confederate Democrats.

Despite reassurances from the National Park Service, people are still apprehensive. All of us have seen the mobs attacking monuments, police and people who get in their way. Antifa is gearing up for more fighting and they are being funded by communists.

Gettysburg was the pinnacle of the Confederacy’s fighting. It’s the place where the Union stopped Robert E. Lee’s advance, in the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. The Virginia monument is the biggest and oldest one for Confederate soldiers. It was dedicated in 1917 by a niece of Robert E. Lee.

The overwhelming majority of Americans want the monuments and statues across the nation to stay. It is a radical minority causing mayhem and chaos out there. They must be stopped.

The National Park Service owns and maintains the Gettysburg monument site. It includes over 1,300 statues, markers and other monuments, which help tell the story of the fight that took place there and the Civil War as a whole. Thirty of the monuments are dedicated to Confederate states that sent troops to the battle, Confederate military units or individuals like Robert E. Lee.

“The National Park Service is committed to safeguarding these unique and site-specific memorials in perpetuity, while simultaneously interpreting historically and objectively the actions, motivations and causes of the soldiers and states they commemorate,” the Reading Eagle reported. This is part of American history. It should be studied, remembered and learned from. Once, we were torn apart and through great battles such as Gettysburg, we were reunited.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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