Psychologist Claims Children Know If They Are Transgender By Age Two

Psychologist Claims Children Know If They Are Transgender By Age Two

Give me a freaking break. Psychiatrists have already come out and said this whole transgender nonsense amounts to child abuse. Now, some half-baked psychologist is claiming children know if they are transgender or not by the age of two. Really? Because they just learned to go potty, so of course they know if they are transgender (heavy sarcasm). These people are simply insane and I might add, poison to our children.

If you want to be a freak, have at it by all means. But leave kids out of it for God’s sake. I read this morning where two lesbians who adopted an 11 year-old son, had him castrated… because diversity. What the hell is wrong with these people? University of California, San Francisco Director of Mental Health Diane Ehrensaft, is the one claiming that a two year-old is capable of determining what gender they are. Sorry, biology did that for them. This is just monstrous… you are talking babies here. She is the author of a stunning piece of crap entitled: The Gender Creative Child. She’s of course from the land of mental instability, San Francisco, CA.

From CNS News:

In an interview with the Associated Press (AP), University of California, San Francisco Director of Mental Health Diane Ehrensaft, claimed that a two year-old child should be able to determine whether or not he or she is transgender.

“We expect a two year-old to know ‘I am boy. I am girl.’ So why can’t that also apply to transgender children?” said Dr. Ehrensaft in response to a question regarding when children should be allowed to begin transitioning into the other gender.

Ehrensaft is a developmental and clinical psychologist, as well as the author of The Gender Creative Child.

This is not the first instance where Dr. Ehrensaft has advocated allowing young children to determine whether or not they are transgender. She has supported the Rainbow Day Camp in northern California– a camp for transgender youth kids as young as four may attend. She noted that the camp has experienced a “sea change, maybe we can even call it a tsunami, in the number of little kids showing up with their families.”

No rational person can expect a two year-old to know what the hell ‘transgenderism’ even is… they just learned how to walk, so of course they should decide that they are some other sex. They don’t even know what sex is for cripe’s sake. And that’s the way it should be. You are stripping these children of their innocence. You are destroying their lives and sentencing them to a lifetime of confusion and depression, not to mention immorality and depravity. These people condoning this should be put in jail.

This same psychologist supports the Rainbow Day Camp in California where children go and can be whatever gender or pronoun they decide upon. That’s nuts. Dr. Ehrensaft suggests ways to determine whether a child is transgender, such as looking at the “use of verbs regarding gender,” frustration concerning his or her own genitals and “taking ‘gender expansion play’ seriously” (boys wearing dresses, girls playing with trucks, etc.) How about explaining to them they are actually a boy or a girl depending on their actual equipment? How about Biblical principles? I’ll take that any day over this gender claptrap, totalitarian child abuse. Shame on you people.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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