Suspended for Teaching About Holocaust

It won’t be long before the Holocaust never happened. In France, teaching students about it can already get you suspended:

A history teacher has been suspended in France for spending too much time teaching students about the Holocaust.

Catherine Pederzoli, 58, a secondary school teacher who is Jewish, was accused of teaching the subject with insufficient neutrality for both her time dedicated to teaching about the Holocaust and trips she organized to former Nazi death camps, Pederzoli’s attorney Christine Tadic told Agence France-Presse.

Insufficient neutrality — on the topic of murdering 6 million people for being Jewish. She must have forgotten to emphasize all the positive aspects.

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According to the ideology being imposed worldwide by the Muslim–moonbat alliance, the victim is always right, and Jews are always wrong. Consequently, acknowledging the horrors of the Holocaust is a thought crime.

Imagine what they’ll do to the history of 9/11, given a generation or two.

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