New Yorkers Oppose Ground Zero Mosque by Two-Thirds Margin

Astute Bloggers has the scoop, and it is big. See New York Times, “New York Poll Finds Wariness About Muslim Center.” (And click the image for the full survey.)


The most amazing thing here to me is that a full 69 percent of those polled approve of President Barack Obama’s job performance, but an almost equal number disapprove of the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. Seriously. Is there possibly a more powerful statement on how far outside the mainstream are the netroots terror-enablers and the al Qaeda apologists in the elite ranks of the Democratic Party? New Yorkers obviously know WTF is going on. They even give Mayor Bloomberg strong majority approval, but clearly, liberal New York thinks Imam Rauf’s Mosque Monstrosity is an abomination. Even more pathetic, but no surprise, is how the editors at New York Times diss their city’s own residents. See, “Mistrust and the Mosque.” According to the Solons of the editorial suite, “it is appalling to see New Yorkers who could lead us all away from mosque madness, who should know better, playing to people’s worst instincts.” Appalling? Who, really, has the superior instincts here? Shoot. It’s just common sense NOT to erect a Conquest Mosque at the site of the worst attack on the continental U.S. And it’s not like the reputations of the Wayward Imam and Lying Miss Daisy have improved throughout the increasing uproar. I mean c’mon, critics are beneath anti-Semitic eliminationism? Well no, obviously (and sick for the suggestion). Folks are simply asking mosque backers to think again, to be considerate. The Times poll even finds 72 percent agreeing that backers indeed have the right to build. So who really in all of this is outside the mainstream of American tolerance? This is why Americans hate the leftist elite, in the media, the party system, the universities, and in the diversity shakedown industry of the corporate world. Common sense is demonized in America today. But folks can see November from their kitchen windows, and things do look promising on the political horizon.

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