War on History May Hit Lincoln Hall Dormitory

Abraham Lincoln played too large a role in the American story not to be a casualty of the War on History, if only as collateral damage. Earlier he narrowly escaped being branded a thought criminal at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Now we read this, from Honest Abe’s home state:

The “Lincoln Hall” dorm at Eastern Illinois University may be renamed because its counterpart at the school — “Douglas Hall” — has come under fire.

The university’s faculty senate recently passed a resolution calling on campus leaders to consider renaming the two dorms because Stephen Douglas, a Democrat, famously advocated for slavery against Republican Abraham Lincoln in a series of debates. …

The Charleston, Illinois-based institution was home to one of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates.

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Now it is not just historical figures who held opinions that are no longer politically unfashionable who must be purged. Even those who debated them have to go.

Here’s a solution that ought to work for progressives. Why don’t we just cut to the chase and erase every American who lived before Martin Luther King Jr.? No wait… King was a Republican who applied for (and was denied) a handgun carry permit. Maybe we should start with Al Sharpton.

On a tip from Steve B. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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