Father and son recreate a childhood picture and people can’t handle it

Father and son recreate a childhood picture and people can’t handle it

OMG! This is just massively wrong. And it can never, ever be unseen. Cringe. A father and son decided it would be cool to recreate a pic of themselves together in the bath. First, you see a normal and cute photo of a young dad with his baby son in the bath. Then, fast forward thirty years or so and an older father is in tub holding his naked grown son. I just lost my appetite and I don’t think it is ever coming back. Just sayin’. One guy says he washed his eyes out with gasoline…. another is scarred for life and doesn’t want to be alone. Dayum… I know how you feel.

I just can’t on this. No wonder people can’t handle this. You do not pose with your naked grown son in the tub. Nope… some things should never be recreated. Some thought this was funny… I thought it was in poor taste and uber creepy. Yes, you’ve both grown up a bit and a number of words come to mind that I shall not voice here. It doesn’t help that this went viral. I have a moral, reflexive knee jerk reaction to this and it’s not a good one.

From Metro:

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It’s fair to say that recreating old family photos can produce hilarious results.

However, there are definitely some pictures that are better left untouched and a lot of people feel that perhaps should have been the case with this post by Tyler Walker.

It tries to recreate a picture in which Tyler is sat in the bath on the knee of his dad, we think, as both smile at the camera.

All other things considered you have to admire the commitment of both men to doing as good a job as possible at matching it.

It has unsurprisingly been shared tens of thousands of times since Tyler, who is from Oregon, posted it on his Facebook with the caption ‘We’ve both grown up a bit’.

While a lot of people found it hilarious others felt they could never go back.

‘I’m going to wash my eyes with gasoline now,’ one person wrote.

‘This has scarred me for life. I felt I shouldn’t be alone,’ another added.

It’s one thing to bathe with an innocent baby when it is the easiest way to get them clean and keep them warm. It’s quite another to pose like this. In John Hawkins’ New book, ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches in chapter 24 of the book, “Don’t put anything on social media you would be uncomfortable with the whole world seeing.” How in the world couldn’t you be uncomfortable with the world seeing this or with even doing it? SMH. Just ewwww.


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