Son Is All Smiles After Dad Uses EPIC Method To Pull His Tooth [VIDEO]

Son Is All Smiles After Dad Uses EPIC Method To Pull His Tooth [VIDEO]

Well, that’s certainly different. A little boy had a loose tooth and his dad decided to pull it… with a real helicopter. You get to watch the whole thing and it ends spectacularly with a tooth as the prize. All the things that could have gone wrong with this stunt didn’t, so it had a happy ending. I kind of cringed over it. Everyone else thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. I cheer for the kid, but if I were his mom, that would never have taken place. Just sayin’.


From Rare:

The old string and a doorknob way of pulling a tooth was far too simple for one Virginia father.

To add some fun—and a little bit of drama– to an otherwise irritating procedure, Rick Rahim took to the skies to get rid of his sons baby tooth.

Rahim tied one end of string to his son’s tooth and the other end to a helicopter.

The copter took off and the tooth popped out.

“Whatever you do in life make sure your kids have much much more fun than you ever did,” Rahim said.

All that horsepower might seem a bit of overkill, but by the smile on the kids face, it was worth making the memory.

The tooth must have really been loose. This kid will have an awesome story to tell the rest of his life. Wonder how much the helicopter cost to pull the tooth? Heh. Still, as childhood memories go, this is right up there. The little guy was thrilled over it and that smile is worth a whole hell of a lot. Talk about helicopter parenting… witness almost 1,000 HP of twin-engine, jet fueled dentistry piloted by Rick Rahim.

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