Vet-Turned-Model Is Inspiring Americans With THIS New Photo [VIDEO]

Vet-Turned-Model Is Inspiring Americans With THIS New Photo [VIDEO]

Chris Van Etten is one good looking Marine. He served in Afghanistan with honor. Both his parents were in the military and that was what Chris always wanted to do. A comrade in Afghanistan stepped on an IED and as he was getting him out of there, he stepped on the second one. Chris lost both legs, but that didn’t stop him. Now he’s a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and a model. He just did an ad for Jockey that is simply brilliant. The slogan… “Show ’em what’s underneath.”


From Independent Journal:

Chris Van Etten is a former U.S. Marine, motivational speaker, and American entrepreneur.

His story is one of perseverance in the face of adversity after an IED explosion in Afghanistan took his legs — making him a double amputee.

Now, standing on a pair of prosthetic legs and showing off his glorious physique, Van Etten is being featured in an ad for Jockey that includes the slogan “Show ’em what’s underneath.”

His story is inspirational, but it certainly wasn’t easy: “I would describe it kind of like a rollercoaster,” he says. “At the beginning you’re still so shocked, and then I was so concerned about learning to walk again. And then when everything finally slowed down I was overwhelmed with all the mental aspects of it.” Van Etten claims that his workout regimen was a saving grace and staying active made him realize, “I may have to try harder than other people, but I can still do what I can do.” Chris has never forgotten his friend TJ that he lost over there… now he is living for both of them. He’s even going to open a gym that caters to those with physical disabilities like his. From Chris on adversity: “Everyone’s going to have problems, but it’s what you do with those problems and how you chose to go about that, that really shows character.” Yes, it is and that’s something each of us should remember.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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