[VIDEO] Athletes Who Defended Bullied Cheerleader Talk About Lessons Learned – “Stand Up For Your Friends”

[VIDEO] Athletes Who Defended Bullied Cheerleader Talk About Lessons Learned – “Stand Up For Your Friends”

Most teens are mean, catty, and given the choice, will cave to peer pressure and pick on the weakest of the flock. But not so for a group of boys who stood up for a special needs student, and made a impact that will last a lifetime. JRN reports:


The response has been incredible since we told you Tuesday about some junior high basketball players who came to the rescue of a girl being bullied at their game.

The boy’s basketball team at Lincoln Middle School was practicing for an upcoming tournament when our story aired. They took a moment to watch. The “wooho”s and chants of “we got this” were just the beginning of the praise they’d see from the community at large.

On the court and off the court, Desiree Andrews has found lifetime friends in Miles Rodriguez, Scooter Terrien and Chase Vazquez. When someone in the stands began to bully this cheerleader with Down syndrome, the boys stepped to action.

“A couple of us went over there and were like, can you guys just stop, that’s not right,” said Miles Rodriguez, basketball player.

The story has blown up on social media. Positive comments complimenting the parents and the school on a job well done.

“The page hits have been exponentially higher than anything else that we do,” said Timothy Nieman, Lincoln Middle School athletic director.

“They were like that was the sweetest thing I ever saw,” said Rodriguez.

A humbling experience, and their good nature has them also giving credit to the rest of the team.

“Our teammates supported us and they had our backs,” said Scooter Terrien, basketball player.

We asked Timothy Nieman if there is a lesson learned in this.

His response was yes. “This is what standing up, being a true team, not only a basketball team, but a team of people that are going to support somebody,” said Nieman.

As these boys move on to high school, what will they take from this experience?

“All I’m gonna think is bullying is not the right way to go. Always stand up for your friends and protect one another,” said Terrien.

“It makes me feel good for Desiree too ’cause now she, like, she said she wants to be famous, and she’s already halfway there,” said Terrien.

The Kenosha City council plans to give the boys a citizenship award next week and they’re also being considered for the mayor’s youth award.

Lincoln Middle School was busy answering calls and emails today. One guy wants to donate a banner as the school officially names their gymnasium “D’s House.”

What awesome kiddos! They deserve every bit of accolade that they are getting for their kind words and hearts. Desiree has made new friends for life, and standing up for others is something that never goes out of style. Good job, guys!

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