The Entire White Fraternity System Is Totally Racist Or Something

Over the past few years we’ve been treated to the notion that college campuses are hotbeds of sexual assault, inappropriate sexual advances, misogyny, and an overall “rape culture”, which is interesting considering that colleges are hotbeds of Liberal thought, ranging the gamut from your basic Democrat voter to far, far, far left Progressives, socialists, Marxists, and communists. They are run by Leftists, teachers tend to be Leftists, and the students are taught Leftism. Fraternities have been under assault since the lying Rolling Stone(r) article about a gang rape at UVA. Now we have the big reveal over SAE members singing a racist song at Oklahoma U (and, frankly, there seems to be more of a racist attitude at the fraternity, not just a few members), so, of course, all fraternities must be racist/bigoted/homophobic. Well, certain ones

The University of Oklahoma Video, and the Problem Fraternities Can’t Fix Themselves

WHAT should we do about fraternities?

That’s a question not only for the University of Oklahoma, where two fraternity members were recently expelled after they appeared in a video singing a violently racist song.

Some critics argue that American college campuses should ban them altogether: Don’t wait for the next hazing death or vile speech caught on cellphone camera.

Others contend that campuses need to encourage multicultural Greek life, and should give incentives for students to cross the Greek color line, setting up brochure-worthy party houses that capture “post-racial” America. That idea is perhaps nice in theory. But it doesn’t work.

I study race and the Greek-letter system on North American campuses. I have interviewed hundreds of members of historically white fraternities and sororities, at big state universities and smaller liberal arts colleges, on the East Coast and in the South. My research indicates that nonwhite students who successfully pledge those groups — roughly 3 to 4 percent of fraternity or sorority members — live a harsh existence of loneliness and isolation.

So, these White fraternities are put in the big box of racism/sexism/homophobe/bigotry throughout the entire story. Multiculturalism and diversity are shown to be thrown overboard in most “historically white fraternities”, and they are like totally part of the inequality debate, you guys! Because hanging with folks you feel comfortable is like totally wrong, because voluntary association is just super wrong. If you’re white.

But, what is missing? In the comments we find

I do not understand how there can be such a harsh and quick reaction to hateful singing, on a private bus. And zero reaction to the vile, homophobic, misogynistic, drug praising, thug worshiping lyrics of (some) hip-hop and rap which can be heard on a daily basis from many fraternities?

Can someone please explain why one is ignored and the other instantly punished?

That’s a good point. Sororities (white ones) are slightly mentioned in the article and are labeled as being slightly better. Yet, historically Black fraternities and sororities are given a pass.

In reality, most chapters of fraternities and sororities, Black, White, whatever, tend to be full of good people who are looking to be a part of something, and tend to do good charity work. Some are simply more like drinking clubs, in all honesty. The members and chapters tend to be pretty involved with campus life. Life itself is full of situations and organizations that match like with like. And, that can include skin color. There’s nothing nefarious about it. A few bad apples do not ruin the entire pie (unless you’re baking). But, let’s face it, if you are white, male organization, you will be under assault. Everyone else’s exclusionary groups will be allowed. Not yours.

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