Good Job, Linda Vista P(orn)TA!


A “typographical error” resulted in the recall of student T-shirts at Linda Vista Elementary School’s recent jog-a-thon, after a parent called the phone number printed on the back of the shirts and was connected to an adult chat line.

T-shirts were handed out to all students participating in the Oct. 16 jog-a-thon during recess and recalled before students left at the end of the day, Principal Jackie Howland said. The school believes that all of the T-shirts were retrieved, but parents were called just in case, Howland said.

Parents probably had an interesting time explaining

The 1-800 number goes to a she-male sex phone line.

The parents were very understanding, apparently, and the jog-a-thon did raise $25,000.

Good thing they didn’t have anything on there that even sort of kind of resembled a cross, like at Penn State.

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