Sarah Palin’s Qualification…

CNN conducts a poll about Sarah Palin and 70% view her as unqualified to be president. But the more important part of the poll comes after that:

The poll indicates that about half of the country, 51 percent, has an unfavorable view of Palin, with 42 percent seeing her in a positive light. Nearly two-thirds of those questioned say Palin’s not a typical politician, and feel she’s a good role model for women. Fifty-six percent add that Palin cares about people, and a similar amount think she’s honest and trustworthy. But the survey indicates Americans are split over whether Palin shares their values, agrees with them on the issues, or if she’s a strong leader.

“Sarah Palin has one advantage that many past Republican candidates have not shared – Americans think she cares about people like them,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “But her biggest Achilles heel is the number who think she is not qualified to be President. Those numbers are similar to what Dan Quayle got in 1993, when only 23 percent thought he was ready for the White House.”

Give Obama’s policies some more time, and the only thing that voters will care about is that there is a candidate who actually seems concerned about them. Right now, all parties are very disconnected from the electorate.

Sarah Palin can learn, grow, speak, hone her message and demonstrate qualifications over time. The other candidates have a much tougher time getting personality transplants–which is what would be required to change the perception that they’re caring.

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