The Top 20 Liberal Pick-Up Lines

20) Your Birkenstocks must stink, cause you’ve been nature-hiking through my mind all day. — JCred

19) You had me at “Mao.” — ResistTyranny

18) We’re both workers, of the world ……let’s “Unite” — TheGenuineDavid

17) Hey honey, wanna come back to my place and test my emissions? — sarahbellumd

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16) My pants need a bailout. can you help? — sarahbellumd

15) I’d love to to get you in a see-through dress. I’m a firm believer in transparency. — sarahbellumd

14) I’m a Women’s Studies major, so if you would take off your clothes I’d appreciate it. — politicsoffear

13) You are so hot. The science is settled. — sarahk47

12) Darlin’ you stole my heart the same way George Bush stole the election in 2000 — johnhawkinsrwn

11) Ooo, baby…I’d love to warm your globes. — sarahbellumd

10) You sure you’re not Joy Behar? Cause I’m really digging the view. — JCred

9) The caribou are rapidly disappearing. Mind if I look for them under your skirt? — sarahbellumd

8) Mandate your coverage? I mandate you get uncovered. — MKisStacked

7) Why don’t you come back to my place and I’ll show you my stimulus package. — Mainstreetrad

6) I’m Pro-Choice, so you can choose to be on top or bottom. — politicsoffear

5) Let’s hop in my electric car and let the sparks fly. — TheGenuineDavid

4) I saw you across the room, and thought, “I’d like to have him help me get my first abortion.” — ResistTyranny

3) You’re so hot, you should be banned by the Kyoto Treaty. — politicsoffear

2) Want to see my solo performance of the Vagina Monologues? — Patrioticameric

1) My wife just doesn’t understand me. She’s the Secretary of State, and travels all the time. — ResistTyranny

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