The Top 10 Tea Party Pick-Up Lines

Drill, baby, Drill — snarkandboobs

Baby, the moment I saw you, you tore down the Berlin Wall — to my heart! — johnhawkinsrwn

YOU LIE on top of me. — andylevy

Want to hike the Appalachian trail? — nrdavis

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Screw the UN inspectors, I’ll go in right now — SarahBurris

I’d like to pre-emptively invade you if you know what I mean. — politicsoffear

If your left leg was July 4th and your right leg was Veteran’s Day, can I visit you between the holidays? — johnhawkinsrwn

Watch out, baby! My hands are going rogue! — jamesJJohnson

Hey baby, if we don’t go out tonight, the terrorists win. — johnhawkinsrwn

Is that a pistol in your pocket or…oh – it IS a pistol. — RoseLizenberg

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