Who Knew That A Bit Of Making Whoopy Could Be So Dangerous?

Then again, just consider that this story comes from the same place that gave us

You’re probably too queasy to think about sex about now, but woopy

In the nanny state, love-making could almost justify a risk assesment.

Five per cent of the adult population have had to take time off work due to sex-related injuries.

Two per cent have even suffered broken bones because things got so heated.

Researchers found around one third of Britons have suffered an ache or strain either before, during or after sex.

Almost half said they only realised their injury the following morning because they were so overcome with passion at the time they were hurt.

Yeah, I know you are still trying to get over that spotted dick thing (or, perhaps you are contemplating toad-in-the-hole), however, just be careful, OK?

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