Obsessed With Labels? Barbara O’Brien Loses Her Mind

You can’t make this stuff up, from Barbara O’Brien’s post at Mahablog, “Why Are Righties So Obsessed With Labels?” (via Memeorandum):

The degree to which Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan or Faisal Shahzad had “ties to high-level Islamic radicals overseas” is a bit squishy

Oh Barbara, behold Farouk Abdulmutallab training with al-Qaeda in Yemen. Is this “high-level” enough for you? At London’s Daily Mail, “Revealed: Chilling video that shows failed Christmas Day bomber training with Al Qaeda in Yemen“:

And I’m just laughing at the dismissal of Malik Hassan’s radical ties (and really, high-level, low-level … grieving Ft. Hood families don’t care). And al Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan are basically one-and-the-same, and as ABC News reported, “Times Square Bomber’s Taliban Contacts Put Pressure on Pakistan: U.S. says Faisal Shahzad Got ‘Regular’ and ‘Substantial’ Connections to Taliban.”

In any case, shorter O’Brien: The right is fearmongering terrorism when the real danger is domestic McVeigh-style extremists. To which I responded:

Barbara: ABC News is reporting that Faisal had DIRECT contact with al Qaeda operatives in Pakistan. Yes, we should be worried about terrorist extremism in any form. But it’s simply insane for leftists like Contessa Brewer to wish that Faisal was a tea partier. Unfortunately, this post in putting you over in that territory.

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