I Get Emails: It’s Those Billionaires Who Are The Real Enemies!

I Get Emails: It’s Those Billionaires Who Are The Real Enemies!

From my email last night,

A Wall Street Billionaire, a Tea Party member, a Union member, a Black WELFARE mother, and a non-union electrician were having lunch. The waiter brought in 12 cookies for ALL of them to eat. The BILLIONAIRE immediately grabbed 11.5 cookies and started to eat them. He looked at the Tea Party member and said “You better watch THEM, THEY are after YOUR HALF-A-COOKIE.”

Yes, Comrade, the real problem is obviously the Wall Street bourgeoisie that’s taking advantage of the proletariat for their own selfish ends! If we simply confiscated the wealth of the bourgeoisie and gave it all to the proletariat, then the workers would be more prosperous than ever! That worked out great in the Soviet Union, didn’t it?

Moreover, how much sense does it make to demonize the rich in a country that has the largest, most prosperous economy in the world? Our real problem isn’t the rich; it’s the government. Whether Bill Gates lives or dies, loses all his money or makes twice as much, it impacts your world very little. But, as the great Walter Williams has noted, the same can’t be said about government workers.

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, with about $60 billion in assets each, are America’s richest men. With all that money, what can they force us to do? Can they take our house to make room so that another person can build an auto dealership or a casino parking lot? Can they force us to pay money into the government-run retirement Ponzi scheme called Social Security? Can Buffett and Gates force us to bus our children to schools out of our neighborhood in the name of diversity? Unless they are granted power by politicians, rich people have little power to force us to do anything.

A GS-9, or a lowly municipal clerk, has far more life-and-death power over us. It’s they to whom we must turn to for permission to build a house, ply a trade, open a restaurant and a myriad of other activities. It’s government people, not rich people, who have the power to coerce and make our lives miserable.

You really want to look out for the “workers of the world?” Then don’t worry about the rich so much as getting the government off their backs.

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