Chicago Sun Times: Let Grandmas And Dreamers Stay Or Something

Chicago Sun Times: Let Grandmas And Dreamers Stay Or Something

When it comes to people being unlawfully present in the United States, trespassing, if you will, there is always an excuse (much like so many things in Liberal World). There’s always some reason not to deport an illegal alien. Even when it comes to those who have committed actual crimes, when the rubber meets the road, the pro-illegal forces find a reason to be squishy. Here comes the Editorial Board of the Chicago Sun Times

EDITORIAL: Let Grandma from Berwyn and Dreamers stay, President Trump

President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions brag about their immigration crackdown. They’re going after dangerous criminal aliens, they say, who threaten national security and our nation’s sovereignty.

What they don’t say is they’re going after Grandma. They are deporting people like Genoveva Ramirez, a 67-year-old grandmother of 10 from Berwyn whose only crime in nearly two decades of living in the United States was to drive without a valid license.

And the crackdown could get worse. Young adults and teenagers who already have passed thorough federal government background checks could be next. A five-year-old program to protect them from deportation and allow them to work legally could be rescinded by Trump any day.

Ramirez became entangled in the government’s deportation net in 2013 when a police officer in DuPage County detained her after a traffic stop….

Sessions and Trump also say they’re going after all who are here in violation of federal law. As for Ramirez, she was, first, illegally in the U.S. Second, driving without a license is a bigger deal than you think. Having one doesn’t mean you are a good driver (as we can all tell while driving around, am I right?), but, it does mean you are authorized by the government to operate what is a multi-ton machine of death, and are able to know the rules of the road. A motor vehicle which can harm and kill other people. It is a safety method. In every state, if you get too many points, the license will be pulled for a period of time. Pass a stopped school bus? Eight points in NC, a $500 fine for first offense, and you’ll see your insurance go up.

Regardless, Ramirez has been under an order of deportation since 2013 (under Obama). She’s been told to self deport within two months or federal authorities will escort her. Why? Because, and I know this is a hard concept for many to understand, she violated federal law and is unlawfully present in the U.S. That can’t be repeated enough. There are penalties for breaking the law. People shouldn’t be rewarded for breaking the law.

We can’t imagine why the federal government is burning time and money trying to deport Ramirez and folks like her. And where’s the heart and wisdom in ending the deferred action program for teens and younger adults known as Dreamers?

Can anyone else see why Los Federales are doing this? Raise your hand. Yes, you. That’s right, good answer. Because it is the job of the federal government to catch and deport those who they weren’t able to stop from coming into the country illegally/overstaying visas. Why is this concept so hard for some to understand?

As for the deferred action program, it isn’t within the authority of the Executive Branch to make law. Furthermore, why reward lawless actions? It incentivizes others to come illegally. And, of course, the way DACA works, since the kids aren’t being deported, it means the parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, etc aren’t deported. There’s always an excuse.

The president says uncounted numbers of “racists” and “murderers” have illegally entered our country.

So fine, go after the rapists and murderers, and leave Grandma and the kids alone.

Of course, in the next breath we’ll hear that local, county, and state law enforcement shouldn’t be involved in detaining and holding these illegals, that detainers are racist and mean, and that we should spend oodles of time and money giving these rapists and murderers their weeks and months in court. You can’t win with these illegal alien supporters, they will always find a way to support any and all illegals.

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