The Influence Of Mainstream Media Increasingly Promotes Violence and Censorship – What Is The Purpose?

The Influence Of Mainstream Media Increasingly Promotes Violence and Censorship – What Is The Purpose?

It wasn’t that long ago that the MSM had to admit to themselves that the 2016 election wasn’t Hillary Clinton’s to take. They even openly admitted to their audience and Americans everywhere that they were out-of-touch with what America wanted. It was a moment of clarity for the left.

But it didn’t seem to last even a week.

What Trump’s victory did to the media was give it a giant slap across its self-righteous and hypocritical face. It was a big “F YOU” to to the left, and the media that had so obviously given up its facade of being a neutral, fact-driven art long ago.

All throughout the 2016 election run, America was witness to the tactics and propaganda the media drove full force into the Trump campaign and there was no stopping their ridiculousness. It was 24/7 and it was open insanity. Every news outlet seemed as if it was in cahoots with their competitors to try and sway the Presidential election and they weren’t ashamed to show it. They truly did try every tactic under the sun – and failed.

Keep in mind, that the media is nothing more than an extension of the radical Democratic Party. The Blue Dog Democrat doesn’t exist anymore, rather it is the radical Marxists and Communists that have taken over the party. The media does nothing but go on destructive personal vendettas against individuals on the right and they do it by any means necessary — lying, fake news and of course, focus on ridiculous non-issues like the First Lady’s stiletto heels.

The left and their lap dogs in the media have been embracing old world systems, old ideals and political viewpoints on government that have proven time and time again to destroy communities, families and countries. Communism and socialism have been the cause of over 100 million deaths in the last 120 years. It’s proven in the names of Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Mao and many more.

What does the media and the left in general have in common with these homicidal regimes? They all have been embracing violence and censorship when it comes to opposing anyone that they deem an enemy to their ideals. It is the media and the soft-headed college students that have taken on a dangerously militant role in society. The Democrats and the media belong to radicals like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

We shouldn’t be surprised when mobs of masked men and women dressed in black take to the streets to beat and assault Americans. Oh wait. It’s already here.

The violence of these past regimes has come back and its gaining steam.

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