Florida Fashion Shoot Captures Scene Out of The Camp of the Saints

If Hollywood ever becomes relevant enough to make a movie version of The Camp of the Saints, they could film it in Miami:

A Miami model’s photo shoot captured the moment when a group of alleged undocumented immigrants made it to shore.

Ekaterina Juskowski was filming her friend on the beach earlier this month when she saw a boat approaching the shore.

The footage appears to show about nine people hop off the boat and run in different directions.

U.S. Border Patrol spokesperson Frank Miller told the New Times Broward-Palm Beach that the incident was under investigation.

No doubt the feds will track down these undocumented Democrats in less time than it takes to breed three generations of welfare dependents — if only to make sure they are registered to vote.

On “Fox and Friends” today, documentary filmmaker Dennis Lynch said typically undocumented immigrants quickly scatter when they make it to the United States.

“Those are illegal aliens. I can tell just simply by the way that they disperse off the boat,” he said. “If you watch the video, what happens once they hit the beach, they all break off. That’s the mentality, because the mentality is almost like the gang rush ‘if they catch one of us they can’t catch all of us.’”

Lynch said it’s estimated that there are 11 million illegal immigrants now in the United States, but he believes the actual total is closer to 30 million.

“I know it’s far more,” he said, pointing out that in the Miami sector there are less than 100 border agents assigned to protect hundreds of miles of coastline.

That’s why two fences stretching from Imperial Beach to Brownsville — topped with razor wire, with a minefield in between and a machine gun nest every 100 yards or so — would be only a first step toward saving our country. The invasion will continue until the welfare payments to illegals stop cold, and immigration law is aggressively enforced.

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