LA Times Fires Ted Rall for Lying About Police Encounter

Moonbat cartoonist Ted Rall is too much a liar even for the Los Angeles Times:

In a May 11 post on The Times’ OpinionLA blog, Ted Rall — a freelance cartoonist whose work appears regularly in The Times — described an incident in which he was stopped for jaywalking on Melrose Avenue in 2001. Rall said he was thrown up against a wall, handcuffed and roughed up by an LAPD motorcycle policeman who also threw his driver’s license into the sewer. Rall also wrote that dozens of onlookers shouted in protest at the officer’s conduct.

Since then, the Los Angeles Police Department has provided records about the incident, including a complaint Rall filed at the time. An audiotape of the encounter recorded by the police officer does not back up Rall’s assertions; it gives no indication that there was physical violence of any sort by the policeman or that Rall’s license was thrown into the sewer or that he was handcuffed. Nor is there any evidence on the recording of a crowd of shouting onlookers.

In Rall’s initial complaint to the LAPD, he describes the incident without mentioning any physical violence or handcuffing but says that the police officer was “belligerent and hostile” and that he threw Rall’s license into the “gutter.” The tape depicts a polite interaction.

In short, Rall got tangled as deeply in his lies as a Clinton.

Rall’s future work will not appear in The Times.

Hooray! I would have thought this 2007 cartoon would be enough…

ted rall cartoon

…but better late than never.

For his own part,

Rall stands by his L.A. Times article. He also complains about the police officer taping him and the LAPD using their resources to dig up the now 14 year-old tape.

How dare they produce evidence proving him a liar? No doubt that qualifies as still more police brutality.

There is probably a job for him in Obama’s Injustice Department.

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