New Legislation Introduced to Allow Illegal Immigrants to Vote

New Legislation Introduced to Allow Illegal Immigrants to Vote

Democrats are heavily invested on making sure that illegal immigrants are as fully integrated into American society as possible, because that ensures a new generation of Democrats will keep them in office. Their newest scheme involves allowing illegal immigrants to not only come to this country, break our laws, and get away with it scot free, but also getting the right to vote, too.


The Local Resident Voting Rights Act of 2015 is designed to allow illegal immigrants who fall under the aegis of Obama’s executive actions on immigration reform to vote in district elections.

According to District of Columbia council member David Grosso, who introduced a similar bill in 2013, the district is home to at least 54,000 residents who aren’t naturalized U.S. citizens.

One of D.C.’s sub-districts, Takoma Park, also allows people who aren’t naturalized citizens to vote in district elections. As a former resident of D.C. who is at the risk of editorializing here, the only other nation Takoma Park residents might be naturalized citizens of is Burning Man.

Here’s a question to the liberal geniuses of the world. If we’re going to let people break our laws, ignore our borders, and vote without being citizens, then how does the United States continue to exist as a nation?

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