New York Becomes First State To Provide Lawyers For Illegal Aliens

New York Becomes First State To Provide Lawyers For Illegal Aliens

On the latest ICE Declined Detainer Outcome Report, the state of New York features illegal aliens who were protected despite being convicted of sex assault – carnal abuse, robbery, selling heroin, larceny, assault, intimidation, fraud, and several other crimes. In previous reports, we see much the same. And ICE has caught plenty of illegal aliens who have committed serious crimes in NY. Yet, NY is more concerned with keeping their population which is unlawfully present

For some reason, this is really important to Elle, which is a women’s fashion magazine. I guess they need the low wage sweatshop work that illegals can provide

The cultural divide widens. While President Trump has restricted Muslim visitors and cracked down on Mexican immigration, the state of New York has announced even more protection of their immigrant population. In their 2018 budget, lawmakers granted $4 million to expand the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project, which provides public defenders to immigrants facing deportation who can’t afford other counsel.

New York is the first state in the country to create such a rich system of legal services for immigrants. In a tweet today, NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman confirmed the news, saying, “Every New Yorker deserves a fair day in court. For the first time, every immigrant under threat of deportation will be guaranteed theirs.”

Of course, they’re not actually New Yorkers. They’re Mexicans, Hondurans, from China, the Dominican Republic, Burkino Faso, Ecuador, El Salvador (most like MS-13), India, and other nations.

But, hey, it’s great that New York wants to defend people who commit sex assaults against their citizens who should not even be in the country, eh?

A study has shown that without legal counsel, only 3% of detained immigrants avoid deportation, according to the Vera Institute of Justice. The assistance of a public defender can improve an immigrant’s chance of staying in the United States by as much as 1000%.

“This is a tremendous step toward just and fair results in deportation proceedings, ensuring that no New Yorker will be detained and deported solely because of the inability to hire a lawyer,” Oren Root, director of Vera’s Center on Immigration and Justice, tells “Countless families will remain intact because of the [New York State Senate]’s leadership on this critical issue.”

The court appearance should go something like “counselor, is your client lawfully present in the United States?” “No, your honor.” “OK, deportation it is.” With or without a lawyer, the illegals have no legal right to be in the U.S., and shouldn’t be able to avoid deportation.

The constant, however, was that [Trump] wanted to increase deportations and immigration enforcement raids, and that’s been borne out by the first months of his presidency. For any immigrants who face this peril in the state of New York, however, there’s now a way for them to secure legal counsel and get the basic help they need to defend themselves.

Why should any illegal prevail in court? There’s no gray area. They are either here lawfully or not. And, if unlawfully, they should be sent packing. If their family wants to come with, that’s on the illegals. They chose to violate U.S. law. If a family is separated because mom and/or dad decided to knock over a liquor store regardless of the reason and is sent to jail, that’s on mom/dad. Illegal actions have consequences.

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