Father Of Toddler Twins Who DIED In Chem Attack Has SHOCKING Request For Americans! [VIDEO]

Father Of Toddler Twins Who DIED In Chem Attack Has SHOCKING Request For Americans! [VIDEO]

The worst mortal pain, has to be the pain of a parent who has lost a child. There are no words to describe the utter hopelessness, disbelief and anguish a parent feels. But losing your child in such a heinous wicked way, at the hands of a wicked man of whom you know without a doubt has zero remorse for the sweet innocent like they just took, is a lifetime of even more pain and disturbance in the heart of the parent who knows it was their duty to protect their child.

This is a pain that only a blessing of comfort from the divine could heal.

Here is a father who lost all he lived for in one moment. His baby twins and his wife were killed in the Syria chemical attack. His name is Adbul Hamid Youssef and he is going through this tragic loss at just 29 years-old. He has had to bury his wife and their nine month-old twins, Ahmad and Aya, following the attack on Khan Sheikhoun in northern Syria.

Guess what he wants to say to Trump…

Thank you.

If you haven’t begun to notice, it appears that the tables are turning. Travel ban or no travel ban…the truth is starting to be undeniable. Trump has never wanted to ban people from safety. He was only trying to ensure Americans were safe and there was a plan in place that would provide a safer, more organized and secure immigration process.

Of course, that’s not how the left portrayed it whether they knew better or not. They whined and they cried about Trump being an awful human being and not wanting to help heal human suffering blah, blah, blah…

Now, here Trump is standing up for the people that are really suffering in ways that these numskull liberals will never understand and they are still finding a way to twist the truth around to try and show Trump under a bad light.

Well…at some point they are going to have their stuff pushed back in them, because now these ‘refugee’s are cheering President Trump on.

And after Trump ordered US airstrikes on Syria’s Shayrat Air Base where the planes believed to be responsible took off from, he told MailOnline:

‘The American attack against the [Assad military base] airport is a good step, but not enough, because the regime has many airports which help it to continue killing its people and destroying liberated cities.’

‘Now they have hit one airport. But the criminal Assad has more than 20 airports and this [bombing them] is the primary sensible thing that they can do.’

‘These operations have lifted our spirits and stopping them is frankly shocking. The suffering in Syria needs to stop as soon as possible.’

The governor of Homs province, where Shayrat is based, claimed five people were killed in the strike.

Abdul Hamid said that he hoped the UN and the international community would target the regime’s strategic positions and its chemical weapons stores.

‘They are enough to kill Syrian people and people in neighbouring countries.’

The US strikes were apparent retaliation for the Assad regime unleashing chemical weapons on Khan Sheikhoun, in Syria’s northern Idlib province.

According to autopsies taken in Turkey, Sarin gas was used in the attack, which killed at least 86 people, including dozens of Abdulhamid’s closes family members.

The grieving father pleaded with the international community to stop the violence that has left more than 320,000 Syrians dead and caused five million to flee the country.

‘After Khan Sheikhoun, I wish that the international community, the UN and all the countries in the world would put an end to the suffering that the Syrian people have endured on a daily basis – the bombings, the detention, violence, the destruction and the warplanes, as soon as possible. Enough with them.’

‘Before the violence in Syria, we lived in peace and were happy. Before the attack, my wife and the twins lived well, but then the criminal regime killed them, and 40 members of my extended family.’

Instead of watching them grow and thrive, Abdulhamid buried his children in small graves on Thursday, filmed surrounded by the comforting presence of friends. He had no other children.

‘I cannot forget my martyred wife and children, and my brothers, and their wives and children’, he said.

But he does not even have any photos of his beloved wife of two years left to console him, as they were all destroyed in the attack that ripped through his hometown.

‘In my house all the photos I had of my wife and everything I owned was burnt.’

He described how he put a piece of cloth over his mouth to protect himself from the effects of the chemicals, as he saw two of his brothers die in the street.

‘I went out to help people, and I did not know where my family went,’ he described in pained, slow words. ‘I saw my brother Yaser Ahmad Yousef with his son, Ammar. They were dead in the street.

‘Foam was coming out of their mouths. I saw my second brother Abd al Kareem, I found him in front of the house in the same situation. I put a piece of cloth on my mouth and tried to help people but then I fainted in an isolated area, until I was taken to hospital.’

Abdulhamid underwent medical treatment for exposure to the chemicals himself, but was well enough to cross the border to Turkey, where he was due to meet President Erdogan on Friday.

The former shopkeeper blamed foreign militias that have propped up Assad’s manpower for the ongoing violence in Syria. The Lebanese group Hezbollah – a US-designated terrorist group – is fighting for the Assad regime, alongside Iranian, Afghan and Iraqi militia who are seen by many Syrians as occupying forces.

‘Enough with the military groups that are helping Assad – this situation is coming from Russia, and the Iranian, Lebanese and Afghani militia helping Assad on our land.’

‘This regime is a criminal regime and also who support him like Russia and Iran and the Shi’ite militants. All of them are terrorists.’

‘Syrian people are simple’, Abdulhamid continued. ‘They want to live in peace and freedom away from killing and violence. They want to live normal lives – we don’t like violence or terrorists – terrorists are feeding Assad and those who are helping him.’

The Assad regime has denied using chemical weapons, saying it does not possess any stores. President Bashar al-Assad labelled the US airstrikes on the airbase an ‘unjust and arrogant aggression’ and part of an ‘attempt to dominate the world.’

But we all know the truth don’t we…

With Assad, it’s all about money and power. As it is with all wicked people throughout history…

Assad himself isn’t in control of his action any longer. His greed and hunger for power is what is fueling his rage…his soul is no longer his.

If it hadn’t been sold to the devil before, after this chemical attack on innocent women and children, it most certainly is.

What are your thoughts on this? What would you do if you were in the President’s place?

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