New York Is Super Proud To Be A Sanctuary City

New York Is Super Proud To Be A Sanctuary City


You’re probably thinking “wait, NYC is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens? I thought Democrats told us that they didn’t really exist? Even Hillary’s running mate, Tim Kaine, said they were a myth. It’s not like there’s a map (which is incomplete). Or a list (more complete). Or that many Progressive (nice fascist) cities like San Francisco declare openly that they’re sanctuary cities. Now we have the Editorial Board of the NY Times

Proud to Be a Sanctuary City

If the next president’s immigration agenda includes a pitched battle over “sanctuary” cities, a term Donald Trump uses with disgust, the proper response from places like New York will be: Bring it on.

The word “sanctuary” as Mr. Trump deploys it — a place where immigrant criminals run amok, shielded from the long arm of federal law — is grossly misleading, because cities with “sanctuary” policies cannot obstruct federal enforcement and do not try to. Instead, they do what they can to welcome and support immigrants, including the unauthorized, and choose not to participate in deportation crackdowns they see as unjust, self-defeating and harmful to public safety.

In other words, the 2nd sentence contradicts the 1st, as they work to obstruct federal laws and enforcement, typically by refusing to not even bother checking immigration status, and, if they do, not bothering to either alert federal authorities and/or simply releasing them.

New York City wears that kind of “sanctuary” label proudly. As California considers bold steps to shield its residents from a possible Trump immigration assault, the New York City Council has already built its own strong web of protections. A groundbreaking City Council program has provided free legal representation for children who fled violence in Central America and arrived unaccompanied at the border. Of 1,265 cases accepted under the program, 72 children were granted asylum and 55 obtained lawful permanent residency. The Council has expanded health and legal services in immigrant communities. And it passed bills to keep federal immigration agents out of the Rikers Island jails, and to forbid city police and corrections officers from detaining suspects for deportation, unless there is a judge’s warrant.

Here’s a bold solution: The GOP Congress should remove federal funding for sanctuary cities for law enforcement, and President Trump should invite all illegals to move to the sanctuary cities. He should say “if you’re there, we won’t come after you.” Federal law enforcement should refuse to investigate crimes in the sanctuary cities. And, as crime explodes, as the city budgets explode, as urban blight increases, as urban poverty increases, as the cities become run down and trash ridden, moving towards Mogadishu status, we’ll all laugh and laugh and laugh.

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