Pro-Illegal Alien Groups, Democrats, Upset Over Bill Allowing Immediate Deportation For Gang Members

Pro-Illegal Alien Groups, Democrats, Upset Over Bill Allowing Immediate Deportation For Gang Members

Pro-illegal alien supporters keep telling us that they do not want the “bad ones”, only the good ones, and then, in the next breath, show their support for the bad ones


If you’re in a gang and you’re an immigrant, you shouldn’t be in the United States, some Republicans say.

On Thursday the Republican-led House passed a new bill to remove immigrants from the U.S., even if they have never committed a crime, because they associate with “the wrong people.”

“It’s time we stand up for our children and end this brutal gang violence occurring in our neighborhoods, once and for all,” House Speaker Paul Ryan wrote on Twitter after the bill, known as the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act, passed.

The bill makes being a member of a gang a deportable offense and allows those applying for immigration status to be refused on suspicion that they are.

Technically, it’s already encoded in the laws regarding immigration status, under “good moral character.” But, of course

Republicans pointed out that under current laws, it was not possible to deport gang members until they are convicted of a crime.

“The bill targets immigrants for detention and deportation even if they have not committed a crime or been suspected of committing a crime,” said the National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) in a statement about the bill when it was brought to the Congress early this week.

The bill is written in a way, the civil rights group said, that allows the Department of Homeland Security to “target groups as varied as churches and fraternities for designation as a criminal gang.”

Good grief. Typical over-reach hysteria by the pro-illegal alien supporters.

Under the new law, however, young people who have never committed a crime could be profiled and considered to be a part of a gang simply for having an association with the wrong people, the NIJC said in its statement about the bill.

Democrats didn’t see the law as working to achieve Republican goals without its allowing immigrants to be targeted and deported with little or no evidence.

“The bill broadly overreaches and puts Americans and immigrants at risk of being unjustly profiled,” said Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chair Michelle Lujan Grisham in a statement.

This bill is an attempt to crackdown on violent gangs that are chock full of illegal aliens, and some lawfully present aliens, like MS-13. But, of course the pro-illegal alien folks have a problem with this, because they see future Democratic Party voters, regardless of whether they are gang members, and they have this knee-jerk reaction to any initiatives and/or legislation that cracks down on illegals.

This was passed on mostly party lines, 233-175, with only 11 Democrats voting to crack down on illegal alien gang members. Only one Republican voted against. Sadly, with the Democratic Party support for illegal alien gang members, there is little chance in the Senate, as the Democrats will surely filibuster and not even allow a vote. Mitch McConnell would be well served to figure out a way to force a vote, and force Democrats Senators to go on record as supporting illegal alien gang members.

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