Bombing On London Subway Being Treated As Terrorist Attack

Bombing On London Subway Being Treated As Terrorist Attack

This has all the hallmarks of an Islamist attack

(Daily Mail) A ‘bucket bomb’ has exploded on Tube train at the height of rush hour today sending a ‘wall of fire’ through the carriage injuring at least 20 people including children in a suspected terror attack.

Terrified passengers ‘ran for their lives’ and were seen covered in blood with scorched legs, faces and hair after the incident at Parsons Green station in west London at 8.20am.

Photographs from the District Line train show what experts believe is a ‘pretty unsophisticated’ bomb in a flaming white bucket inside a Lidl freezer bag with Christmas lights connected to a battery protruding out of the top.

Witnesses said there was a loud ‘bang’, a flash and then a ball of flame engulfed the area but police believe it failed to properly detonate.

Scotland Yard sources have said that it is being treated as terrorist incident but could not confirm claims there is another device and the suspect is on the run.

But an officer at the scene told MailOnline: ‘We believe there is a second bomb – there is a man with knives on the loose.’

It doesn’t look like much

but, it doesn’t take a whole lot to hurt a whole lot of people. So far, there are no reports of anyone being killed, but a lot of people where burned, some badly.

We can all be pretty sure what is going to happen next. The person law enforcement believes is responsible will be of Muslim persuasion, then we’ll find out all sorts of information about how the person was radicalized, and ISIS will most likely take responsibility. Then there will be raids, and more radicalized Muslims will be arrested. And Britain will keep letting them in.


Because tweeting the wrong thing in Britain can get you detained. I’m sure London Mayor Sadiq Khan will have some inspirational words about terrorist attacks (from his hardcore Islamist brethren) being just part and parcel of living in a big city.

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