Brexit Stands As A Warning For American Conservatives Or Something

American Conservatives have long been concerned about the porous nature of our borders and legal immigration system, as well as the notion that so many coming to this country have no intent to assimilate. Many of them, both legal and illegal, want the U.S. to change to accommodate them and their beliefs and cultures. Much of what Brexit was about was the need for the UK to control its country from the influx of people who have nothing in common with Britain and do not want to assimilate. But, we have a warning or something from the uber-leftist boobs at the UK Guardian

Brexit stands as a warning to American conservatives

Donald Trump’s elated that the British people have put xenophobia and fear over their own economic self-interest.

He views the nation’s exit from the EU (that’s the European Union, for those googling it today) as an affirmation of his own hate-fueled immigration proposals from one of America’s closest and oldest allies.

Many of our British brothers and sisters also viewed the vote as a way to close their borders. Even as global markets and the pound sank to depressing lows, Trump embraced the rushed Brexit.

“Come November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies that put our citizens first,” Trump said at a campaign and golf course christening in Scotland. “They will have the chance to reject today’s rule by the global elite, and to embrace real change that delivers a government of, by and for the people.”

Let’s note that a phobia is an irrational fear. Is it irrational to worry about declining/stagnant wages, identity theft, and people bringing a culture which treats women as second class citizens and wants to jail gays while demanding they be able to replace the US legal system with their own religious legal system in their communities? No.

While Trump has been successful in employing similar fear-based arguments on immigration throughout the Republican party primary, he’s now in the big leagues and has to convince independent voters that his closed-door policies against Mexicans and Muslims are right for what was formerly the most open nation in the world.

The argument is simple, even simplistic: they don’t look, talk or pray like me, and my wallet’s feeling light, so it must be their fault.

The fear mongering against Trump is simplistic. It avoids the notion that a country not in control of its borders is not longer a sovereign country. That America has been a generous country, but we want people to come legally, as well as not overstay their visas. That America is a great melting pot, but bringing Sharia law and Islamic extremist values, like the notion that gays should be stoned or thrown off buildings and women cannot be out in public without a relative, are incompatible with American values.

To know Trump, one also needs to be well versed in today’s racial code words. When Trump calls Mexicans “rapists and murderers”, or promises to ban Muslims from entering the US for that matter, he’s also sending a signal to his white, mostly male supporters.

But, some are rapists and murderers. California jails are jammed full of illegals who committed felonies. Furthermore, why is it that every other group can push for what’s good for them, except white people, especially white males? Black, brown, gay, this, that, it’s OK for them to ask for what they want, but never Whites. Those folks are denigrated. Well, tough. Whites have a say, too. Call it White Nationalism if you want. We have a say.

Leftists love their code word language, though.

For conservatives deceiving themselves into supporting Trump for his laughable promises of wealth, they too will wake up the day after Trump enters the White House filled with regret, remorse and bewilderment because they’ll have helped elect a bigot-in-chief who would rather write Trumpland on the White House gates than help unify a country that’s crying out for healing.

Crying out for healing? Who’s been president for the last 7+ years? I thought everything would be kumbaya? No? I’m still not a fan of Trump, and would have a tough time checking the box for Trump as a vote against Hillary, but, he speaks to those who are tired of seeing the country turned into a 3rd world hole.

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