Obama Pushes Military To Do This…OFFICERS FURIOUS

Obama Pushes Military To Do This…OFFICERS FURIOUS

In a move designed to further compromise our military readiness for the sake of social engineering, the President is allowing American soldiers to cross dress while on the job. This can and will be a distraction to the task at hand, while potentially creating many awkward situations. But that’s not the politically correct thing to say, is it? We are all supposed to be giddy with joy that Sally can dress like Sal, or John can dress like Jean. The American military is worth more respect than this flippant foray into gender bending on the job. Read on for details.

From Breitbart:

President Barack Obama is forcing the Pentagon to repeal its ban on transgender service members, meaning U.S. soldiers will soon be serving under the command of cross-dressing soldiers.
The policy change is another example of how progressives bypass Congress and the voters by using the military to promote and advance social changes nationwide. Since 2009, for example, the military has been used to aid illegal immigrants and to help change the definition of marriage so that it can include single-sex couples — regardless of the far-left policies’ impact on combat readiness and recruitment.

In general, the transgender ideology says the state should require every American to validate every person’s choice of created “gender identity,” even though a man who wants to be a woman is still a man by every known scientific measure of evolutionary life. For example, an Oregon law recently allowed a jury to award $60,00 t0 a transgender teacher because other teachers declined to use the teacher’s preferred pronoun, which is “they” rather than “him” or “her.” New York City has also establish similar forced-speech rules.

The ideology’s claim that the state must enforce a new right to “gender identity” also means that the state must ignore and often dismantle many civic rules that evolved to help the two distinct sexes — men and boys, women and girls — meet their legally equal, but different and complementary, needs. For example, the transgender ideological demand means that single-sex bathrooms and locker rooms must opened up to people of the opposite sex, regardless of age, and without any verification of created “gender identity.”

The military’s mission is the defense of our nation. It is not to be edgy and hip with whatever is the current crazy cultural trend. It is a serious business to put one’s life on the line for this nation. And it does not need to be complicated by lipstick wearing men. Oh, was that not the PC thing to say? Too bad, it’s the truth.

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