Europe Is Being Deluged With Migrants From The Middle East, And It’s Chaos There

What did George W. Bush say? Fight the bad guys over there to keep them from fighting us here.

He might have been right about that, because when nothing is done about ISIS, a big refugee problem results.

Europe’s migrant crisis escalated last night as border controls were reintroduced and Germany admitted it could no longer cope with the influx.

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Berlin had sought to criticise others – including Britain – for not taking in enough refugees after it announced it would no longer deport those coming from Syria.

But the EU’s passport-free travel zone was on the brink of collapse after Germany was forced to ask Italy to tighten border controls.

As tensions between European leaders unable to agree on how to handle the crisis simmered, Slovakia’s foreign minister Miroslav Lajcak said the Schengen Agreement removing border checks between 26 European countries has fallen apart.

Last night, as the numbers crossing into Germany reached nearly 150 per hour, it asked Italy to impose identification checks at Brennero, on the border with Austria, to ease the flow.

An unprecedented surge of migrants has been trying to get to the country after Berlin last week began accepting asylum claims from Syrian refugees regardless of where they entered the EU.

It goes without saying that the bureaucrats who run the EU don’t have the ability to deal with a crisis like this. And without American leadership there is no solution available to provide a haven for Middle Eastern and North African refugees from jihadism, other than just allowing a wave of mostly Muslim migrants to make their way into Europe, latch on to the welfare states of the countries involved, permanently alter the demographics of those countries and bring on the Eurabia that is at this point just short of inevitable.

Scary stuff.

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