Matt Walsh: Kim Davis Broke An Evil, Illegitimate Law – And God Bless Her For It

Rowan County, Kentucky, county clerk Kim Davis was jailed this week for refusing to grant marriage certificates despite a federal court order, in a case which has captured the nation’s attention and galvanized the Christian community across the country in the understanding that a new area has dawned in which religious freedom is not defined as it has been for the bulk of the American experience.

And The Blaze’s Matt Walsh sums up the mood of American Christians quite well

…so here we are. Kim Davis sits in jail. Gay “marriage” has been illegally imposed on the people. The government is operating outside the bounds of the Constitution, morality and Natural Law. Christians in government are being locked in chains while thugs and crooks run the country. Babies are being murdered and sold for parts, and all with the approval and funding of our leaders in Washington. Cops are being hunted down and murdered in the street while race hustlers openly egg on the killers and the president does nothing to stop it.

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America is ruled by the whims of petty despots. America is a lawless country. They will make a sacrifice of Kim Davis, but make no mistake that she is standing against lawlessness, not for it. And now the rest of us have to decide if we will do the same.

This is a nation that has rejected truth, constitutional law and God’s law. Our culture is floating untethered in the abyss, besieged by confusion and moral chaos. If we think we can restore peace and truth by “following the law,” I believe we are in for a rude awakening. The law is dead. We are left with two choices: follow truth, or obey the dictates of our culture and the godless tyrants who lead it.

Kim Davis took door No. 1, and it landed her behind bars.

Where will it take us if we open it?

I think we will soon find out.

The Kim Davis case is a wake-up call for Christians and social conservatives for the reasons Walsh states. It’s no secret the country is in decline, and though much of our moral decay can’t be redressed through politics (we need a cultural revival for that), the loss of liberty is a different story – because the progressive Left is actively at war with traditional America. Perhaps this case will serve to mobilize the other side to engage in war to defend it.

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