Nebraska Beef Punished by Obama Regime for Attempting to Determine Whether Workers Are in the Country Legally

What would happen if a company were foolish enough to obey federal immigration laws — even though the federal government has made it obvious that it does not want these laws obeyed? It would be punished, of course:

The Department of Justice has accused a business of discrimination due to the company requiring employees to show proof of citizenship for employment.

The DOJ claims that Nebraska Beef Ltd., a Nebraska-based meat packing company, “required non-U.S. citizens, but not similarly-situated U.S. citizens, to present specific documentary proof of their immigration status to verify their employment eligibility.”

After receiving pressure from the government, Nebraska Beef agreed to pay $200,000 in a civil penalty settlement and said they will establish an uncapped back pay fund for people who lost wages because they could not prove they are in the country legally.

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The settlement also requires the business to undergo compliance monitoring for two years, train employees on the anti-discrimination provision within the Immigration and Nationality Act, and to revise policies within its office.

No doubt the lesson was learned. Unlike regular Americans, illegal aliens have champions in Washington. If you don’t want to get crushed under the fist of Big Government, don’t make trouble for them. As for the law, that’s only there to provide a pretext to make examples out of people like Kim Davis.

As under any other tyranny, the only real law is that we must do what we can assume our rulers want us to do, based on their ideology.


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