Trump Going Soft on Immigration?

There is only one political issue: Third World immigration. If it is not stopped immediately, the entire country will very quickly turn into California on its way to becoming Argentina and from there Zimbabwe. Conservatives of every stripe will get steamrolled on literally every single issue.

Being the only person likely to put up a fight on immigration is the entire point of Donald Trump, who otherwise does not make for an ideal candidate given his somewhat liberal history, lack of respect for property rights, and political inexperience.

Of all the countless millions of immigrants around the world eager to invade our country and climb aboard the welfare gravy train, the very last we should allow in are those with Muslim backgrounds who have made their own homelands ungovernable and unlivable, as only an idiot would expect them to suddenly be transformed into Americans, rather than bringing with them their failed cultures. The two places most certain to export serious trouble among the streams of “refugees” they endlessly vomit upon the rest of the world are Somalia and Syria.

Now we read this:

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Trump weighed in [last night] on the migrant crisis hitting Europe right now, saying that while he doesn’t like the concept of accepting migrants from the Middle East and Africa here, he says we have to do it on a humanitarian basis because they’re living in hell in Syria.

Having made a hell out of their own country does not give them authority to make one out of ours. Immigration policy must serve our interests, not the interests of others. The “crisis” will never end, because it is driven by two things that are not likely to change: (1) the dysfunctional inferiority of the immigrants’ own societies, and (2) the lavish welfare benefits offered in the West. If not even Trump understands this, it will be a challenge finding someone to vote for.

Hell could be coming to your town.

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