Two Arizona Cities Vote To Support Law Breakers

The city councils can spin it all they want, but, the net effect is to support people who are breaking the law

The Tucson and Flagstaff city councils voted Tuesday to sue Arizona over its tough new immigration law, citing concerns about enforcement costs and negative effects on the state’s tourism industry.

The Flagstaff City Council voted unanimously in favor of a resolution that says it’s an unfunded mandate to carry out the responsibilities of the federal government. Its Tuesday night meeting drew a crowd that initially numbered in the hundreds but dwindled significantly as the night wore on.

So, instead of spending the money on enforcement of the law, they will spend the money on lawsuits in support of people who are breaking the law. People who murder, kidnap, steal, rape, and traffic people and drugs.

(Tucson) Mayor Bob Walkup said the law is based on a misguided notion that illegal immigrants are bad for the area’s quality of life and economy. He said much of Tucson’s economy is derived from Mexican tourists who come to vacation and shop, the Republic reported.

There is one hell of a difference between tourism and people coming illegally, Bob. I would suspect that your mandate as mayor is based on notions of protecting the people of Tucson from rape, murder, drugs, being kidnapped, and such. If you want to stand up for the law breakers, perhaps it is time to resign.

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