What Say To Mexican Drug Trafficers Smuggling Terrorists Across Border?

With Judge Susan Bolton blocking some key provisions (until a full hearing is held) of the Arizona illegal alien law (William A. Jacobson has the best analysis), she put the ball squarely in the federal governments court to actually perform their duties in full. If they want to argue supremacy, then they have to do the job. Now, Obama, despite the talking points, has not been a total disaster on securing the border. He is a tiny, fractional, minuscule bit better than the Bush administration. He is going after companies who hire illegals much harder than the Bush admin, and in a better way. Still, it is now time for Barry and Co. to step up and secure the Southern border, if they want “supremacy,” and here is yet another reason why this needs to be done with the full might of the Federal government

Some Mexican drug-trafficking organizations (DTOs) are involved in smuggling potential terrorists across the southwestern border, according to the Government Accountability Office.

“Aliens from countries of special interest to the United States such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan (known as special-interest aliens) also illegally enter the United States through the [southwest border] region,” Richard Stana, the GAO homeland security and justice issues director, said in a report on alien smuggling issued July 22.

“These [drug trafficking] organizations collect fees from alien smuggling organizations for the use of specific smuggling routes, and available reporting indicates that some Mexican drug trafficking organizations specialize in smuggling special-interest aliens into the United States,” he added.

Secure the borders NOW! To repeat myself, you cannot argue supremacy if you aren’t doing the job, Barack. Regardless of whether Bolton’s decision was a good one or bad one, politically motivated or not, or judicially sound or not, once the full hearing is held, it will be interesting to see if the Arizona lawyers point out the failures of the federal government to secure the border (you can’t just blame Obama for this, either.)

Oh, hey, look, the Nation Guard will miss their border deployment deadline. Supremacy!

And, yes, the protests will still happen today. Here in Raleigh, idiots from the NC Justice Center will march on the Capitol building at 5pm, if you happen to be off (not me, have to close tonight). A van carrying 5 idiots (read the last paragraph) is traveling from Ca. to Arizona. They’ll protest in the Bay area. They’ll protest in Arizona. Code Pink will protest in Arizona (yes, I do expect arrests). The unions are still traveling to Arizona to protest today (Fox News showed the buses leaving live). And, yes, they are using union dues money to pay for the trip.

More: Speaking of protesters, on Wednesday, four of them climbed a crane in Phoenix and unfurled a typical unhinged pro-illegals banner. Because of this stunt, valuable police and fire department resources had to be wasted waiting for these jacka**es, including a police helicopter. And, yes, the 4, plus their ground contact, were arrested.

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