The 50 Hottest People On The Hill: Pick The Real Hottest Woman On Capitol Hill

The 50 Hottest People On The Hill: Pick The Real Hottest Woman On Capitol Hill

One of the inspirations for the very popular 20 hottest conservative women in the media articles I’ve run for the last couple of years was the Hill’s “50 Most Beautiful People” list.

Well The Hill’s newest list is out and as always, I have some complaints about their list: The order’s not that great & there are people on the list who obviously made it for reasons other than their looks.

So, I’m going to do the same thing I did last year. I’m going to pick the 10 hottest women on the list and then let you vote on which one you think should be declared the hottest on the Hill. Here’s my top 10 in alphabetical order. At the end, there’ll be a poll where you can vote for your favorites:

1) Keo Chea

Keo Chea

2) Laura Donahoe

Laura Donahoe

3) Kaitlyn Gibson

Kaitlyn Gibson

4) Jessica Knight

Jessica Knight

5) Erikka Knuti

Erikka Knuti

6) Alexis Latifi

Alexis Latifi

7) Blair Mixon

Blair Mixon

8) Maria Plakoudas

Maria Plakoudas

9) Christine Sequenzia

Christine Sequenzia

10) Sarah Spear

Sarah Spear

PS: Please be nice in the comment section. Please? I’ve had multiple friends on this list before and it’s tougher than you might think. Keep in mind that most of these women are not used to being in the spotlight and let’s be honest: There are way too many jerks on the Internet who go on endlessly about how ugly they find super models. The last thing a woman who gets an honor like this should have to put up with is nasty comment after comment about how hideous she is from trolls who probably think of “date night” as time alone in their mom’s basement watching softcore porn on Cinemax.

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