Woman Jumps into Pond and Wrestles 7 ft. ALLIGATOR with her Bare Hands to Rescue her Pet Dog

Woman Jumps into Pond and Wrestles 7 ft. ALLIGATOR with her Bare Hands to Rescue her Pet Dog

We all love our pets. They are our companions, our friends, our comforts. When Lori Neiswenger’s pet was in jeopardy, she reacted the only way she could have- jumped in, waist deep, and yanked on that gator’s tail as hard as she could. Talk about some serious guts:



Trapped in the jaws of an enormous alligator, Hope the dog seemed likely to die.

But then her devoted owner came to her rescue – by wrestling the reptile with her bare hands.

Without a second thought, Lori Beiswenger plunged into a pond and grabbed the 7ft gator’s tail. She then started yanking on the tail, while neck-deep in water, in a bid to save her stricken pet.

Three tugs later, the gator finally let go of nine-year-old Hope.

The canine, who suffered several injuries including a severed artery in the attack in Inverness, Florida, was floated out of the pond on a shovel by Beiswenger’s friend and rushed to the vet’s.

Now, after emergency surgery and stitches to her chest and side, the dog is recovering at home.

Speaking to Bay News 9, Beiswenger, who runs Point O’Woods Golf Course, where the attack occurred, described her life-saving wrestle with the gator two weeks ago as ‘dumb but brave’.

‘I wasn’t thinking,’ said the Citrus County resident.

‘It was the dumbest, bravest thing I have ever done, but I wasn’t going to let her go.’

Beiswenger was first alerted to the attack when she heard Hope screaming from the pond at her golf course. ‘Just screaming it was the worst screaming I ever heard,’ she told WTSP on Wednesday.

The owner knew immediately that her beloved pet was being attacked by an alligator, which are a common sight in ponds, marshes rivers and lakes in Florida, and other southern states, she said.

Hope is expected to make a full recovery from her injuries.

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