Tech Company Develops Robots to Take the Place of $15 an Hr Workers [Video]

Tech Company Develops Robots to Take the Place of $15 an Hr Workers [Video]

Gee, who would have seen this coming? Well done, Progressives! Now our kids won’t be able to find work. On the bright side, it’ll make them figure out how to work for themselves. Just think how many more people will be unemployed because of this. I’ve said for years now that we are in a depression. Well, this is going to supercharge it. And all because the Socialists can’t do basic math. Innovation finds a way and it was a done deal that someone would do this. Have you ever been in a fast food place with an automated order menu? It’s heaven! Now, they are going to automate the workers themselves. Technology is a two-edged sword and the poorest and lower-skilled are the hardest hit when it slices.


From Gateway Pundit:

On Wednesday Governor Cuomo’s New York Wage Board set a new minimum wage for New York City’s 200,000 fast food workers.

City establishments will now be required to offer employees at least $15 per hour by the end of 2018.

The move also makes it cost effective for companies to fire humans and hire robots.

Momentum Machines has developed a robot that can put out one burger every 10 seconds.

And, it literally does everything. From slicing the tomatoes and pickles, to grinding the meat and toasting the bun.

The machines are more sanitary and efficient than the typical fast food worker. And the robots come to work everyday and don’t sass the boss.

So now fast food companies won’t have to worry about the $15 an hour mob.

Nice work, Democrats.

Mandating $15 an hour is just stupid. It’s already backfiring on Seattle and every other city it has been forced upon. Businesses are laying off workers and closing their doors. Those that stay open are raising their rates – I heard this week all fast food places will raise coffee prices by 50 cents. Why? Because of the minimum wage being raised. It’s a vicious circle that will result in fewer jobs, higher costs, less choice and business closures. How’s that for a Progressive utopia? Everyone can be destitute and starve together. It’s the collective way. Robots are here to stay. They save money and are far more reliable humans. Time to adjust as a society again, just as we did during the Industrial Revolution.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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