10 Year Anniversary Post: The Best Of 10 Years Of RWN Interviews

I started Right Wing News back in January of 2001 and as of the first of this year, I’ve been running the page for 10 long years. During that time, I’ve pumped out a lot of great content and I’m going to be posting a little of the “best of” material this month. Today will be the “best of” RWN’s interviews.

Twelve Questions With Michelle Malkin (Oct 31, 2002): This was my very first interview with a really big name conservative. My next 5 interviews after Michelle? Victor Davis Hanson, Walter Williams, Phyllis Schlafly, Mark Steyn, and Mona Charen. So this interview with Michelle really helped get the ball rolling for me.

An Interview With Ann Coulter (June 26, 2003): This was my first of 5 interviews with Ann Coulter on RWN (I also did an interview with Ann for Pajamas Media). Despite the fact that Ann has made a name for herself by being so ferocious, she is just about the nicest person you’re ever going to meet and she has done a phenomenal job on every interview she’s ever done for me. I can’t say enough nice things about her.

An Interview With Milton Friedman (September 16, 2003): The late, great Friedman was in his nineties when he did this interview, but his mind was sharp as a tack and he did a wonderful interview.

An Interview With David Limbaugh About His New Book, “Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity” (October 6th, 2003): This is my favorite interview I’ve ever done about religious issues.

The Michael Medved Interview (November 4th, 2003): This is just one of my favorite interviews. Great content. Great interview.

An Interview With Mark Krikorian (May 3rd, 2004): This interview, about illegal immigration, got me my only mention ever on the Rush Limbaugh Show. For that reason, it’s on here.

An Interview With Newt Gingrich (August 22, 2005): The content of the interview was good, as you’d expect from Newt, but it was also great to interview the man. I consider Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, and Newt Gingrich to be the 3 most important men to conservatism over the last 20 years. Interviewing one of the Big 3 was a big deal to me.

An Interview With Robert Novak (August 20, 2007): The late, great Robert Novak was the greatest conservative reporter of a generation. It was an honor to have an opportunity to do this interview, which had great content by the way, before he passed.

An Interview With Thomas Sowell About “Economic Facts and Fallacies” (February 5, 2008): I’ve interviewed the great Thomas Sowell five times, but this is my favorite. Nobody explains economics better than Thomas Sowell.

The Karl Rove Interview (Mar 15, 2010): This was a good interview, but I also enjoyed it because Rove was a big “get” and I’d wanted to interview him for a long time.

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