As Obama Rushes To Nuclear Deal With Iran, Iran Refuses To Provide Information

As the sands of time run down on the Obama administration, he and his peeps are dead set on creating a deal with Iran, any deal, doesn’t matter what. They’re working hard to cement Obama in the same mold of foreign policy incompetence as Jimmy Carter and Neville Chamberlain

(Washington Post) The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said that Iran has failed to provide the information or access needed to allay the agency’s concerns about the weapons potential of the country’s nuclear program.

With the deadline nearing for international talks on constraining Iran’s nuclear program, Yukiya Amano, director general of the IAEA, said in an interview that Iran has replied to just one of a dozen queries about “possible military dimensions” of past nuclear activities.

Amano said that Iran has provided only “very limited” information about two other issues, while the rest have not been addressed at all.

Is it any wonder that the White House will not promise to let people know the details before it is signed?

(Weekly Standard) In an interview this evening on Fox News, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki would not promise that Americans would get to see the details of a nuclear deal with Iran before it’s “signed, sealed, delivered.”

Fox host Greta Van Susteren asked, “When there is a proposed deal, will the American people get sort of a real strong briefing on it before it’s actually signed, sealed, and delivered so that we can have our thought whether it’s a good deal, bad deal, so we can have some input? Or is this going to be signed and then we are going to hear about it?”

“Well, I think it’s not about it signed — it’s negotiated between countries and it’s negotiated between leaders of countries. That’s traditionally and historically how international negotiations have worked,” said Psaki.

In other words, the American public can piss off, because the Obama administration will be as secretive as usual. We’ll be lucky if Congress is informed. More likely, the deal will be leaked to a foreign news outlet from one of the negotiating partners. Team Obama, which blew off the Iranian green uprising, seems to really be enthralled by the hardcore Iranian regime

(Breitbart) On Monday, the White House dismissed Ayatollah Khamenei’s “Death to America” rhetoric, telling CNN that it was “intended for a domestic political audience.” That comment came on the heels of White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explaining that such rhetoric provided even more reason for negotiating a deal with the Iranian regime.

At the same time that the White House essentially blew off Ayatollah Khamenei’s “Death to America” routine, the White House deliberately misinterpreted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments the day before and the day of his re-election in Israel. Apparently the things said during an election do not constitute electioneering; the things said in a country that has not had free elections for three decades constitute electioneering. Welcome to the delusional anti-Semitic world of the Obama administration, where Palestinian diplomats can refuse to disassociate from Hamas, and Iran can openly embrace the destruction of America and Israel, but it’s the Jews who need to be clubbed into line.

Obama embraces enemies and, at best, dismisses allies. If this coming deal with Iran was so great, information might be shared. That it is being kept relatively secret, without even briefings of Congress, should say quite a bit. Fortunately, it will have no force of law past Obama’s time in office.

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