WATCH: The Hilarious Moment a Father Sits His Daughter Down to Tell Her She’s Going to Be a Big Sister – And She Just Can’t Keep Her ‘Excitement’ In

A lot of kids are excited to find out that they’re going to be a big brother or sister. But this adorable little girl showed her excitement in a rather, well… unique way.

big sister

Mum Megan Williams revealed that her two-year-old daughter Kathryn is constantly asking for a little brother or sister.

So she decided to sit Kathryn in her father’s lap, and film her reaction as they told her the news using a special book titled ‘The Big Sister’s Book of Waiting’.

‘Do you know why we’ve got you this book?’ her dad asks. ‘Because you’re going to be a big sister!’

For Kathryn it was all too much.

As she digests the wonderful news, she struggles to keep the excitement in – in one sense at least.

She leans over to her father and whispers, ‘I farted’ – leaving her parents in stitches.

Well, that’s one way to celebrate the announcement of a new baby! And it’s a video that should get replayed whenever little Kathryn grows up and has a pregnancy announcement of her own to make.

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