BREAKING! SCOTUS Just DESTROYED Iran With Massive Move – Obama Admin LIVID!

BREAKING!  SCOTUS Just DESTROYED Iran With Massive Move – Obama Admin LIVID!

under Obama’s reign, Iran has been able to “get away with murder” and then some. His leniency with Iran has been so incredibly vile to the U.S. that the Islamic republic seems to think they have the U.S. by the sack, whereas our oldest Allies are feeling abandoned and even ATTACKED by America… These are scary times. Here’s some good news though, to help with the sting…

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From the Conservative Tribune:

But The Washington Times reported that Obama’s pro-Iran agenda was dealt a blow on Wednesday when the Supreme Court ruled that the relatives of the victims of the 1983 Beirut embassy bombing can collect nearly $1.75 billion from Iran.

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The Iranian government had argued that 2012 legislation passed by Congress that ensured the relatives of the victims could collect compensation from Iran was in violation of the Constitution.

All but two members of the Supreme Court ruled against Iran. Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor dissented, arguing that the case set a dangerous precedent by giving Congress new powers.

Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the majority opinion, arguing that Congress had not overstepped its bounds and was simply ensuring that the relatives of the victims could collect what they were owed.

“(The law) provides a new standard clarifying that, if Iran owns certain assets, the victims of Iran-sponsored terrorist attacks will be permitted to execute against those assets,” Ginsburg wrote. “Applying laws implementing Congress’ policy judgments, with fidelity to those judgments, is commonplace for the Judiciary.”

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Now, rest well tonight…today we have a win, tomorrow be ready for a whole new battle.

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