We WARNED Everyone! Look What Just Happened At L.A. High School’s FIRST Gender Neutral Bathroom!

We WARNED Everyone! Look What Just Happened At L.A. High School’s FIRST Gender Neutral Bathroom!

It’s happening, just as it was predicted by those who have not lost every ounce of their common sense. The division among people is growing wider and deeper between those at odds. At this point, it almost seems better just to escalate the whole process so we can get to and through another revolution…and start rebuilding again. Because this? This is pure madness.


From Young Conservatives:

From Daily Mail:

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Police say that a fight broke out on Tuesday after protesters came to a Los Angeles high school to criticize their recent decision to install the first ever gender neutral bathroom on campus.

The fight began after a student engaged adults holding signs and yelling through megaphones outside of Santee Education Complex, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Santee Education Complex is part of the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools.

Cell phone video of the chaos shows an adult protester across the street holding a sign reading: ‘Homo sex is sin.’

Dozens of students can be seen brawling across the street with the protesters before the fight is broken up by law enforcement.

When police arrived to keep the peace, the protesters left the area, according to ABC.
The principal released a statement about the incident.

‘Yesterday, a small group of adults unsuccessfully attempted to discredit the brave actions of our students by protesting against the school’s recently approved gender-neutral restrooms,’ Gomez said.

‘Above all, we want to ensure the safety of our students despite outside factors and influencers who want to disrupt instruction and the well-being of our students.’

Students are brawling with protesters out on the streets of L.A… meanwhile, those that have very strategically created this nation’s chaos, sit comfortably in their rich homes, living their rich lives…under the blanket cover that they actually care about those that are at odds with each other.

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