BREAKING: Trump Admin Gave Iran One Chance To Be Lawful, They Blew It – Now PUNISHMENT Is Due!

BREAKING: Trump Admin Gave Iran One Chance To Be Lawful, They Blew It – Now PUNISHMENT Is Due!

I guess Iran figured they could just keep enriching uranium, making bombs, threatening us and Israel, and prepping for war with no interference. Wrong. President Trump is an entirely different leader from Barack Obama… one who does not grovel before the mullahs of Iran. National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has officially put Iran on notice. Iran fired off ballistic missiles in violation of a 2015 UN Security Council resolution. Now, sanctions from the US cometh. So far, 25 individuals and companies will be affected by the new sanctions which will apply to business, banking, travel etc.

“The Obama administration failed to respond adequately to Tehran’s malign actions — including weapons transfers, support for terrorism and other violations of international norms,” Flynn stated. This is an entirely different game now and war is looming. The Iranians were behind a terrorist attack carried out by “suicide boats,” or small craft laden with bombs, against a Saudi Arabian frigate, which left two Saudi sailors dead this last week. Then the US moved the USS Cole off of Yemen. It doesn’t take a military genius to see what is going down here.


From the Conservative Tribune:

President Donald Trump’s administration officially put Iran on notice and imposed new sanctions after the Middle Eastern country test-fired ballistic missiles in violation of a 2015 U.N. Security Council resolution.

According to Fox News, White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn made the announcement on Feb. 2 that Iran had been put on notice.

And President Trump unsurprisingly took to Twitter to blast Iran for its decision to violate the resolution:

Iran was quick to respond to the Trump administration’s action.

Ali Akbar Velayati, a foreign affairs adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, even went so far as to call President Trump “inexperienced.”

“This is not the first time that an inexperienced person has threatened Iran,” Velayati said. “Iran does not need permission from any country to defend itself.”

In response to Iran’s comments, the U.S. imposed new sanctions on Iran on Feb.3, according to CNN. While exact specifications regarding the news sanctions were not immediately clear, the Trump administration disclosed that 25 individuals and companies were affected by them.

According to The New Yorker, just one day before the announcement of sanctions, Flynn hinted that the notice could be a first step to stronger action against Iran if it continues to violate resolutions.

And this morning, in a defiant move against the new sanctions just imposed on them by the Trump administration, Iran held military exercises. They were testing missiles and their radar systems. This whole move was meant to “showcase the power of Iran’s revolution and to dismiss the sanctions,” Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards website said, according to Reuters. During the exercise, a senior commander of Iran’s Revolution Guard said the country’s missiles will come down on the country’s enemies if they offend them in any way. “If the enemy does not walk the line, our missiles come down on them,” Gen. Amir Ali Haijazadeh said.

Iranian state news agencies reported the military exercise would test home-made missile systems, radars, command and control centers and cyber warfare systems. Targets of the Treasury Department sanctions include Iranian, Lebanese, Emirati and Chinese individuals and firms involved in procuring ballistic missile technology for Iran. They are now prohibited from doing any business in the United States or with American citizens. “The days of turning a blind eye to Iran’s hostile and belligerent actions toward the United States and the world community are over,” White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said. And I believe him. War is on the way and I contend it is long overdue with the Iranians.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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