Judge Pirro Educates IGNORANT Liberals – ‘Like It Or Not, LAWS ARE GETTING ENFORCED!’ [VIDEO]

Judge Pirro Educates IGNORANT Liberals – ‘Like It Or Not, LAWS ARE GETTING ENFORCED!’ [VIDEO]

Judge Jeanine Pirro is spot on here… the law is about to be enforced. Deal with it. Those that support Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary Campuses… hell, those that are all for California being a Sanctuary State… you are going to have to choose. Funding or illegal aliens breaking the law. In California’s case, if the funding is cut off, they will surely spiral into bankruptcy and the government will have to step in. Campuses could wind up shutting down entirely over this. The rule of law must be imposed, so if you insist on flaunting it, it’s going to cost you big time.

Not only those who want to just throw the law away will be hurt here. Good people who need police protection in these cities will suffer as well. Is this what it has come down to? All because you don’t wish to follow the law? Over people who are deliberately breaking the law and are not American citizens? Seems to me your priorities are screwed up. All your hissy fits will not stop the law being enforced. All it will do is get funding cut off and possibly get you arrested. The commie mayors of these cities are bringing this confrontation on. Remember that as the hammer comes down.


From Western Journalism:

Taking on critics of President Donald Trump’s crackdown against sanctuary cities, Judge Jeanine Pirro used her opening statement on Saturday to announce “law and order is back.”

“You can march and you can hate; you can shame and you can demonize, but… law and order is back in the West,” said Pirro.

“Namby Pamby liberal mayors like de Blasio in New York, Ed Lee in San Francisco, and Rahm Emanuel in Chicago… are now putting American citizens in jeopardy of losing law enforcement protection,” she added.

In the wake of Trump’s executive order last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio expressed concern that public safety would be “undermined,” and the city’s comptroller, Scott Stringer, noted the city may lose as much as $7 billion in federal funding.

However, as Pirro pointed out, any cuts to federal funding will only occur if those sanctuary cities and counties in question refuse to comply with federal law enforcement policies.

My heart literally bleeds that Red de Blasio is going to cost New York City $7 billion in federal funding. His ratings are already in the toilet, wait until this bites. Maybe these people will start electing sane leaders again. In Texas, where Governor Abbott believes in following the rule of law, he cut off funding to Travis County where Austin is because the sheriff refuses to follow law as it pertains to illegal aliens. Next up, the federal funding will be cut.

“In his first whirlwind week, President Trump signed an executive order directing the withholding of grant money from sanctuary cities who refuse to comply with federal immigration laws,” Pirro bluntly explained. “The re-implementation of secure communities, where state and local governments share fingerprints to help actually identify undocumented immigrants,” she went on. The EO will also require countries to take back criminal aliens or face sanctions. “To force other countries, to actually take back criminals by using leverage like withholding U.S. visas and a new victim program for Americans who have been victimized by illegals,” Pirro said. And finally, “weekly statistics of Americans victimized by illegals living in sanctuary cities” as well as “an end to the Obama policy of catch and release at the border” are now about to be realities.

If you believe in America and all we stand for, it’s time to follow the rule of law. The anarchy is ending and law and order is back. Whether you want it or not and it’s long over due.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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