Guy Who Stuffed Classified Material In His Pants Says Iran Deal Can’t Get Any Better

You remember Samuel “Sandy” Burgler, er, Berger, who stuffed classified material down his pants after removing it from the National Archives, material related to 9/11 and al Qaeda. He’s also the one who was in charge of national security when President Clinton gave North Korea food and fuel for ending their nuclear program in a similar deal. How’d that work out? He’s back, telling us that it’s a fantasy to think we can get a better deal with Iran

(Politico) Some are insisting on a “better deal” than the framework nuclear agreement reached with Iran on April 2. But the idea of a better deal is a chimera, an illusory option, and it should not lull us into thinking there is another agreement to be had if only we were to bear down harder. The present agreement, which depends on important pieces to be resolved by the end of June, can substantially reduce the ability of Iran to develop a nuclear weapon over the next ten years or more and also creates a dynamic that could be a game changer in the combustible Middle East

Yes, it would be a game changer. It would see Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, putting vast sums of cash in their coffers, which would certainly be used to increase their support for Middle East terrorism and increase the size of their military machine, all while supposedly suspending their nuclear weapons program for a mere 10 years.

Syria, Hezbollah hail nuclear deal with Iran

One has to wonder, if Iranian backed Syria and Hezbollah love this deal, it must really be good for Iran, eh?

…Putting aside what the Iranians might do in response to additional pressure—dig in deeper, speed up their program–and looking just at our side of the equation, the notion of a better deal is unachievable.

Here is why. According to critics, seeking a better deal starts with increasing sanctions on Iran. If tough sanctions brought them to the table, tougher sanctions will bring them to their knees. At some point their economy will be in tatters from the intensified sanctions, and they will be forced to return to the bargaining table and agree to better deal. With a closer look, however, this scenario unravels.

Well, sure, implementing tougher sanctions through the UN, particularly with Russia backing Iran, would be difficult. However, that’s not the point. Said point is that this deal is so weak, and has basically just kicked the can down the road a mere 10 years, all on a whisper of a promise to stop trying to make a nuclear weapon. We all know Iran is trustworthy, right? Team Obama capitulated on almost every goal they set for this “deal.”

Meanwhile, Team Obama is going to trot out scientists to attempt to sell this deal

The White House is calling in the geek squad to sell its Iran deal.

Skeptical members of Congress – and the general public – might not trust the administration when it says it will prevent the Islamic Republic from building a nuclear weapon. And they certainly don’t trust the Iranians. So the White House is asking them instead to put their faith in science

Will they give us the scientific odds on how quickly Iran will cheat and how much more cash they will put into their military and terrorist activities, once the sanctions are removed?

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