Good News: American Action Network Working Hard To Attack Conservatives

Is it any wonder that Conservatives do not trust the Establishment Republicans? They spend more time attacking Conservatives and defending squishy Republicans than fighting back against Democrats. Does anyone see this happening on the Left? Normally, Liberal groups may attack Democrats for not being Democrat/Liberal enough. Republican groups attack Conservatives for not being too squishy and Democrat Lite

The center-right fights back

The center-right is putting more money into the game — and taking fresh aim at the conservatives bent on dragging the House to the right.

The deep-pocketed American Action Network, which has raised over $104 million since 2011, will put $1.8 million toward ads in 76 districts touting members who stood up to right-wing pressure and supported the House leadership on the budget and bipartisan Medicare legislation.

The digital and television ads follow the group’s leap into last month’s contentious Department of Homeland Security funding debate, in which it spent $400,000 against fellow Republicans who refused to fund the agency in protest of President Barack Obama’s immigration actions. It followed with another $350,000 for TV ads in four districts to thank GOP lawmakers who backed the long-term funding deal in early March.

These ads are lauding Republicans for capitulating to Obama and his pseudo-amnesty program. And they’ve already started running

“They say it can’t be done, that Washington is broken, and nobody is listening. They say we’ll never balance America’s budget, that we can’t repeal Obamacare and nobody can reform Medicare to protect seniors and doctors or take on the big issues. But they aren’t talking about Congresswoman Renee Ellmers,” a narrator says in an ad set to run in Ellmers’ North Carolina district.

I’ve been hearing these commercials on radio for a month or so regarding Ellmers. Exactly what have these squishy Republicans done? They haven’t balanced the budget, haven’t repealed Ocare (or even scaled it back), and they certainly haven’t stood up to Obama government by executive fiat mode.

Brian Walsh, the group’s past president, said the decision to target conservative Republicans at odds with GOP leaders represented an “evolution” of the group’s desire to be the “reasonable voice” in Republican policy debates. The DHS ads prompted surprise and anger from conservatives at being targeted by fellow GOP-ers.

But Walsh, now at RedPrint Strategies, said that despite the criticism, the effort was clearly effective in turning the conversation from ideology to tactics over how best to stop Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

The reasonable voice, along with pushing the convo to “tactics”, have done exactly zip to stop Obama’s agenda.

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