Majority Want Congress To Reject Obama’s Iran Deal

Wait, I thought 99% of the world wants this deal, per Obama? No? Problematically, the majority in the country Obama is supposed to care about doesn’t. Not that he gives a flying you-know-what

(The Blaze) More Americans are expressing their disapproval of the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran, according to a recent CNN poll.

According to the poll released on Thursday, 56 percent of Americans think Congress should reject the deal the U.S. and five other world powers made with Iran. That poll also showed that 60 percent of Americans surveyed disapproved of how President Barack Obama has handled the country’s relationship with Iran, CNN reported.

It should be noted that 41% want it passed, down from 44%. The undecideds have decreased from 5% to 2%.

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Fifty-eight percent of independent voters think Congress should reject the deal next month.

Opposition to the deal has jumped from 66% to 83% amongst Republicans, and support by Democrats has gone from 61% to 70%.

Is it any wonder that more are disapproving of the deal, when we continue to find out more and more information on just how bad it is, particularly the side deals?

The document, titled “Separate arrangement II” – which was referenced in a Wednesday AP story and published Thursday – indicates that Iranians will be allowed to inspect themselves for evidence of the nuclear work they conducted at Parchin [a][b]. Instead of allowing IAEA inspectors to collect evidence from the facility, samples will be collected by the Iranians using Iranian equipment. Instead of allowing the IAEA to collect everything it wants, only seven samples will be handed over from mutually agreed upon areas. Instead of giving inspectors access to facilities, photos and videos will be taken by the Iranians themselves, again only from mutually agreed upon areas.

This is like allowing a pro athlete to take his/her own blood and urine samples at home with no one watching to check for drug violations. Of course, cheating just means better performance on the field. When, not if, Iran cheats, it means they are closer to developing nuclear weapons.

Obama also sees similar numbers for his handling of foreign affairs, with 43% approving, 56% disapproving.

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