Washington Post Very Concerned That Trump’s Rhetoric Whips Up Violence

They have exactly one example, but, hey, they must do what they can to bash Trump and protect illegal aliens. Interestingly, the Editorial Board is just fine blaming Trump, and by extension, his supporters, for this, but fails to hold Islam responsible for the numerous and constant attacks by Islamic jihadis. I’m also waiting with baited breath for the WPEB to blame Blacks for all the violence in their own neighborhoods, backed by Democratic party anti-police policies

Mr. Trump’s immigrant-bashing rhetoric breeds violence

DONALD TRUMP’S rapidly expanding catalogue of bombast is already a weighty tome, and it’s a fool’s errand to take each of his utterances seriously. Still, his loathsome comment on Wednesday, in which he excused violence against a Hispanic man in Boston as “passionate” acts of “people who are following me,” taps into a dark vein in American history and merits special attention.

In the Boston incident, two brothers were charged with using a metal pole to assault a 58-year-old Hispanic man. The man, who was homeless, was left with a broken nose and other injuries to his face, arms and chest. “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported,” one of the brothers, Scott Leader, told police, the Boston Globe reported.

Of course, Trump never once called for violence against illegals. BTW, it wasn’t Trump who released vast amounts of violent illegal aliens.

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When Mr. Trump was told of the incident, in which the brothers also are alleged to have urinated on the man before beating him, he said the following: “It would be a shame. . . . I will say that people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again. They are passionate.”

They are passionate. They are tired of the status quo. They are tired of politicians in it for their own benefit. They are also not the ones who killed a woman on a pier in San Francisco. That would be an illegal alien.

Mr. Trump, under a barrage of criticism, took more than a day to retreat from his original statement, finally tweeting that he “would never condone violence” and “we must treat each other with respect.” This from the man who slandered undocumented immigrants as “rapists” and suggested Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly had asked him tough questions because she was menstruating.

The menstruating thing has already been shot down, but, hey, newspapers are not places of facts. As far as rapists go, how about this one? And this one? I could continue listing case after case.

Mr. Trump’s immigrant-bashing rhetoric is intended to galvanize political anger and win Republican primaries, not incite a lynch mob. The trouble is that his contempt-filled hyperbole appeals not to rational discourse but to passions — passions that can and do get out of hand.

Of course, Trump is not bashing immigrants, but illegal aliens. To Leftists, they are one and the same, as they have no respect for the rule of law. But, by their own standards, the Democratic Party, and, hey, the Washington Post, bear responsibility for any attacks on police officers, who have been bashed.

What this really all shows is that the WPEB is taking Trump’s candidacy seriously, knowing that he is a threat to Hillary or whichever Democrat wins the primary in the race for the White House. Funny thing is, the more Trump is attacked by Democrats, the liberal media, and even the GOP Establishment, the more ground he gains.

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